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ESMI eSports Medicine Certification Course

The eSports Medicine Institute (ESMI) has developed an eSports Medicine Certification Course. This course was developed to provide ESMI certification for eSports trainers, coaches, athletic directors, league officials, team physicians and anyone involved in the care of the eSports athlete. 

The course content is a detailed outline of the essential elements of eSports medicine:

  • Overview of eSports Medicine and the eSports Medicine Institute (ESMI)

  • Overview of the common injuries encountered in eSports

  • +XP: eXercise and Prevention program instructional course

  • Comprehensive understanding of the banned substances in eSports

  • Understanding the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form for banned substances

  • Competitive gaming ergonomics

  • Personalized ergonomic assessment

  • Additional topics specific to eSports Medicine

Benefits of ESMI Certification:

  1. Stay up to date on eSports related health and wellness issues

  2. Gain confidence in recognizing, treating and preventing eSports injuries

  3. Obtain certification in the ESMI: (+XP) eXercise and Prevention program

  4. Implement best practices into the training of eSports athletes

  5. Market yourself as an ESMI Certified Official, Director, Trainer, Coach or Physician

  6. Join a growing community of others who are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health, welfare and safety of the eSports athlete.