"Esports medicine is the subfield of sports medicine dedicated to uniquely protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of esports athletes." 

Dominic King, DO, Esports Medicine Founder

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What is Esports Medicine?

Esports medicine is the subfield of sports medicine focused on the treatment and prevention of esports related injuries, as well as a commitment to protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of all eSports athletes.

Esports Medicine delivers the unique opportunity to discover new and innovative methods to enhance:
- esports athlete ergonomics
- physical fitness, strength and conditioning of esports athletes
- neurocognitive processing speed and reaction time of esports athletes
- esports team dynamics and esports psychology

Esports Medicine Research Database

Research on the topic of esports has been around since the 1970s. This research has focused on areas such as the benefits of gaming, gaming related overuse injuries, esports ergonomics, gaming environments, sex-based stereotypes in gaming, esports spectatorship, physical activity and training, “internet gaming disorder”, and over 200 articles on additional topics.

We have curated the largest esports research database, organized and filtered by topic. Feel free to utilize this database to help you better understand the esports research landscape. We will be updating this database monthly, as new articles are published.

Esports Medicine Infographics

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Esports Medicine - Yoga

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